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Quran Tutors

Quran Tutors

LGS TUTOR ACADEMY! We are giving proficient Male and Female,experinced tutors for Holy-Quran as home tutors/Online tutors/Private one-to-one and group tutoring all over Pakistan(Islamabad. Rawalpindi,Lahore,Karachi,Faislabad,Peshawar and so on ) .They are also available online for Quran tutoring to the students living abroad, including but not limited to the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand,), Australia and Europe or any where the in-home Quran tutoring facility is not available.
We have male and female Quran teachers form Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and USA for children and adults. Our teachers can speak English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Pushtu.

Every Muslim parent tries to equip their children with the knowledge of Quran. The process starts with the Tajweed, where students learn how to properly pronounce the holy Quran; and then it goes on to Recitation – the proper reading of the holy Quran; the Tafseer, explanation of the holy Quran; and the Memorization (Hifz) – memorizing the holy Quran. And it’s also the duty of the parents to teach Islamic values to the children, so that they could live their life in an Islamic way.

Our Quran tutors in Lahore,Islamabad,Rawalpindi,Karachi,Faislabad and other cities of Pakistan are professional Qari’s, they have got their certification from the respective institutions and they years of experince


Reading of the Quran
Memorization of the Quran
Guidance in offering prayers
Help in memorizing Dua
Understanding of basic teachings of Islam
Much morend are well-versed in English, Urdu and Arabic.

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