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Beaconhouse School System (BSS)

Beaconhouse School

Welcome LGS TUTOR ACADEMY! We are providing professional, top level tutors of Beaconhouse School for home/online tutor in all areas of

• Islamabad/Rawalpindi
• Lahore
• Karachi
• Faisalabad
• Bahawalpur
• Peshawar
• Multan
• Quetta
• Abbottabad

and all other city of Pakistan Our Beaconhouse tutors are highly-qualifying professionals, with extensive and exclusive tutoring experience of Beaconhouse School System (BSS) students. They teach in Beaconhouse mainstream school, Beaconhouse Newlands Lahore, TNS (at National and International Baccalaureate –IB) Beaconhouse, and also in Concordia College. They tutor every grade – from Kindergarten to O and A Levels IB – and covering every subject – be it Math’s, English, science, history or Urdu, Islamic study, among many others. LGS engages Beaconhouse tutors from all of its campuses, and benefits the students in all major cities of Pakistan, including but not limited TO Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Rawalpindi.
Beaconhouse School System is Pakistan’s largest and world’s leading school Network, Beaconhouse school system is top ranked English medium private and elite class school especially in Pakistan Beaconhouse school System is become a brand name in schooling education and produce very competent students every year with its presence in South Asia, Europe, South East Asia and Middle East. They have more than 165 schools just in Pakistan, and our professional Beaconhouse tutors cater the needs of all students, wherever they are required. We engage them for Cambridge University curricula, and Textbook Boards of Pakistan and other countries all over the world.
Our tutor teaches to

– Kindergarten
– Preschool
– Grade-1 to 8
– O level or (matric)
– IB
– A Level (FSC, ICS, I.COM)

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